Thursday 23 November 2017

Chris's fascinating 'eating solutions'

AS HE sat in his stall at the Old Fair Day in Tubbercurry, Chris Bowring seemed lost in his craft.

Or rather, his art.

Based in Rossinver, he makes what has been described as "natural eating solutions".

They are spoons, bowls, cups and other utensils, all made of native Irish hardwood.

He starts with a two-inch branch or bough from a tree. He splits it lengthwise in half with a small axe.

Last Wednesday in Tubbercurry, he was engrossed in making a wooden spoon.

Having cut it to shape with a small knife, he hollows out the bowl of the spoon using a hook knife.

However, having made the spoon, he doesn't sand it off or smooth it.

He said: "Sanding smoothes it but it also scratches it, causing bacteria to get into the wood."

Chris is a furniture-maker by training.

Chris and his work may been seen on Saturdays at the Rathcormac Craft and Food Market.

Sligo Champion

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