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Chris went looking for love


Loved up.....Catriona and Chris.

Loved up.....Catriona and Chris.

Loved up.....Catriona and Chris.


Back in 2018, Sligo native Chris Coleman meets a girl attending a hen party in Athlone, he knows her name is Catriona, but the trouble is, he does not know anything else.

They had exchanged phone numbers, but Chris lost it and had no way of reaching her. With no other options and determined not to lose out on his shot at love, Chris gets in contact with the Dermot & Dave show on TodayFM to ask for help in tracking down the mystery woman.

“I was out on Saturday night with a group of friends in the Prince Bar in Athlone,” he told the show at the time.

“I met this lady named Catriona, but I didn’t catch some of the information. She’s about 5ft 6, blonde hair, and very beautiful.”

The show’s hosts told him he was right to follow up on the lead as she could be the one, to which Chris replied, “if you don’t go, you’ll never know”.

The show managed to track the woman, Catriona Keane, down and arrange a date between the two potential lovebirds.

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Three and half years later the couple got in contact with the show once again to let them know that they had not only hit it off, but they were now engaged.

Catriona said that after a year she knew “this is serious now” and they made plans to move in together in Athlone.

“It was a natural thing, we just kept going to see how far it would go, and then in September last year I moved to Athlone,” she said.

“It’s been great company during Covid,” Chris jokingly added.

Catriona told the story of their engagement and said it came as “a big shock”.

“I came home from work on Wednesday for my lunch and he had the idea to go for a walk. I didn’t really want to, but I said, ‘yeah I’ll go with you’.”

They walked together over a little white foot bridge and Chris pretended to point to a fish so that Catriona would be distracted.

“He turns around and there he is with the box out and a big cheesy grin on his face,” she said.

Chris admits he did not know what to do next saying “the words just wouldn’t come out. I just couldn’t say anything”.

However, he did manage to get the words out “eventually” and ask Catriona to marry him.

She accepted and the two are excited to begin planning their future together.

“The plan is to hopefully get married in the next year and then buy or build a house and settle down for the rest of our lives,” he said.