Thursday 20 June 2019

Children learning how to sail on Lough Gill

Children from the East Ward area of Sligo took part in an Introduction to Sailing course on Lough Gill recently. This pilot programme was run by the Cranmore Co-op in conjunction with the Metal Mariners with the help of funding from Sligo Leader Partnership.

The Cranmore Co-op is a community-based organisation that runs programmes and camps for the youth in the East Ward area of Sligo.

The Metal Mariners are a voluntary group of watersports enthusiasts who are dedicated to providing participation opportunities in all watersports for Sligo people of all ages and backgrounds.

Mark Elliott, Community Development Officer with Cranmore Co-Op said it was a great event. He added: "The course consisted of 15 children aged 9-14 years and was aimed at children from the Cranmore area but also included children from outside the area.

"A group of instructors dedicated their time to teach those involved the basic skills of sailing boats such as Mirrors and highlanders, most of which were built by the Metal Mariners.

"Sailing in very brisk Autumn conditions, the children enjoyed an exhilarating time with many quickly picking up the basic skills and techniques required.

"The course concluded on Friday afternoon at the Back Avenue at Doorly Park with a barbeque for participants and their families and a presentation of certificates to those who took part in the course. Children and parents were delighted with the overall event and expressed interest in attending further sailing courses. The Metal Mariners and Cranmore Co-op will jointly explore future opportunities to facilitate this," Mark added.

Sligo Champion