Wednesday 16 October 2019

Challenges facing local communities

Participants in the workshop at the Glasshouse Hotel. Pics: Donal Hackett
Participants in the workshop at the Glasshouse Hotel. Pics: Donal Hackett

Last week, Sligo PPN hosted a community event, facilitated by Irish Environmental Networks and Development Perspectives.

It was aimed at raising awareness of the SDGs in Sligo, exploring how community groups and organisations could embed them in their work and also highlighting their future importance when groups are looking for funding or support at both local and national government level.

Part of the workshop also reviewed some of the key challenges that community groups see Sligo facing over the next decade, and how these align to the SDGs. Some of the key areas of concern include:

* A lack of community facilities, and no physical or financial supports for communities to come together to initiate change Poor transport and pedestrian infrastructure

* Total absence of support for renewable energy

* Poor drinking water quality

* Increased littering especially on roadsides and waterways

* Lack of support for communities and the unforeseen toll this will have on isolation and mental health

* Short sighted prioritisation of economic growth above everything else

"The environment needs to be given equal footing with tourism and economic development, otherwise soon there will be nothing for Sligo to sell itself on."

* Stronger voices needed in the North West to fight for our fair share of national services and infrastructure. Sligo PPN is officially taking a position to Support the Sustainable Development Goals.

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