Monday 18 December 2017

Castlebaldwin forge floods for the third time in one month

Jessica Farry

Castlebaldwin based blacksmith Michael Budd was met by an unpleasant sight last Wednesday morning.

Following heavy rain on Tuesday night, Michael's forge was flooded for the third time in September.

The forge floods at least once a year, and while Michael has adjusted his electrics to ensure that flooding will not damage it, the flooding is still problematic.

"It's the third time this month I've been flooded, I'm the only business in the area affected," he told The Sligo Champion.

Michael claims the problem originates from drains on that side of the road - the drains are unable to cope with the large amount of rainfall, meaning that his forge ends up being flooded.

"I've had 17 millimetres of water in the forge.

"I've put the electrics up higher because we do flood about once a year."

Luckily, there has been no major damage caused by the flooding, but it is still a problem.

"There's been no major damage, only a small amount and all it really is is a clean up the next day.

"This could easily be sorted. Maybe if there were three or four other businesses or houses affectred something would be done about it, our hands are tied to an extent on the issue."

Sligo County Council said: "Sligo County Council will carry out an examination of this area to determine if remedial works can be carried out."

Sligo Champion

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