Sunday 18 March 2018

Carney village plan to stretch to Oxfield Centre

Footpaths and public lighting from Lissadell Park to the Oxfield Sports Centre are to be included in an upcoming overall plan for the village of Carney.

The news comes on foot of a request from Councillor Rosaleen O'Grady.

She asked the Council at this month's County Council meeting to start providing footpaths and lighting from Lissadell Park to Oxfield GAA and Community Centre.

Director of Services Tom Kilfeather told Cllr O'Grady that the Roads Department will soon start preparing an overall plan for the village of Carney.

The plan will consider traffic calming ideas, footpath upgrades, landscaping and signage.

The Council is proposing to extend the plan to include the footpaths and lighting to the Oxfield Sports Centre.

Once the overall design has been agreed, they will start implementing various elements of it when funding becomes available.

"I welcome that," said Cllr O'Grady. "The problem is worse than when I first put the motion down - I saw it over the weekend," she said.

Separately, the Council has agreed to Cllr O'Grady's request to include the road L3202 at Streedagh in future Road Maintenance Works.

Sligo Champion