Monday 19 November 2018

Calls for speed control after latest near-miss

Sorcha Crowley

A pedestrian had a narrow escape last week after they missed a three car collision on a busy junction on the Inner Relief Road Churchill junction by mere seconds.

The crash happened just outside the local Sinn Féin Constituency Office at 9.30am on Wednesday 27th December.

Luckily no one was injured in the incident, which saw three cars smashed, forcing Gardaí to close the road to carry out an investigation.

Local Sinn Féin county councillor Chris MacManus who lives nearby was on the scene within minutes of the crash.

"I got a phone call and was down within minutes - thankfully there were no serious injuries," he said.

He maintains it was the third such crash at that spot in 2017.

"When drivers are coming down from the Summerhill junction if they see an amber light they put the foot down and try to beat the red light," Cllr MacManus told The Sligo Champion, stressing he wasn't speculating about what caused last week's collision.

He did say however, that it was "a miracle" no one was killed in the crash.

"I was speaking to a Wolfe Tone Street resident later that day and they avoided it by seconds. The man was re-living it," he said.

"Half a minute later and we would have been talking about a fatality," he said.

"This is at least the third occasion this year we've had a crash at that location. The whole railings were pushed out of the footpath and the car actually hit the building wall, damaging the mural," he said.

Cllr MacManus is so concerned about driver behaviour at that junction that he's planning to raise it at the next meeting of Sligo Municipal District, on 22nd January.

"I'm putting a motion down looking for the Council to look at this junction and look at controlling the speed of cars coming from the Summerhill Roundabout direction," he said.

Sligo Champion