Tuesday 21 May 2019

Call for training for any Basta staff who lose jobs

Basta’s main building at their Tubbercurry site
Basta’s main building at their Tubbercurry site

Sorcha Crowley

The President of Tubbercurry Chamber of Commerce is calling on the Government to provide adequate training for any Basta Parsons Ltd staff who may lose their jobs as a result of the firm going into examinership.

The firm's woes were raised at last Wednesday's meeting of Tubbercurry Chamber of Commerce where local businesses expressed their concern and support for Basta.

"I'm sure some of the staff are older people - will there be re-training for them? Will that be accessible here? We're always have to leave town for training," she said.

"It would be nice to help them progress their careers. The Government just seems to be funding just a little bit of training and leaving it at that. We need more training and more apprenticeships and not just in manufacturing," she said.

"There's great concern locally about it. It has a long history here in Tubbercurry since it was started 62 years ago," said President Geraldine Brennan.

"Everyone is put out about it, both businesses and community people. They've employed whole families, mums, dads and kids have got jobs out of it," she said. "It's part of what Tubbercurry is renowned for - toolmaking. It would have started off many a young person's career," she said.

"All we can do is offer our support and best wishes that they get through it," said President Geraldine Brennan.

The Chamber has sent a letter of support to Basta to that end.

Brennan says Brexit must be one of the concerns affecting Basta: "I'm sure they're considering it in their future. Everybody has to consider it. It's not great for Tubbercurry overall, it's worrying. We've lost a lot of jobs already with the Government and Aurivo jobs leaving.

"As a town and Chamber we are very active. We are open for business," she added.

An update is expected later this week on the ongoing situation at Basta.

Managing Director Dermot Foster told this newspaper that staff were being briefed last week and this week about their future at the door lock manufacturer.

The firm is looking for voluntary and compulsory redundancies after it went into examinership on Thursday 19th July.

An interim examiner appointed by the High Court has 100 days to restructure the firm's finances.

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