Thursday 14 November 2019

Call for a 'full audit' of Easkey Community Council

Mediation has failed to brings sides in dispute together

Ciara Galvin

A group of concerned citizens from Easkey are asking for a full audit of Easkey Community Council (ECC).

Carmel Gordon, spokesperson for the group which held a protest outside council offices recently, told The Sligo Champion the group are not giving up until an audit has taken place.

The group were present in council chambers to hear the council's official response in relation to a motion from Councillor Chris MacManus seeking clarification regarding four planning applications granted to ECC.

Ms Gordon believes that planning permission granted to ECC in four specific applications do not comply with planning permission.

Cllr Chris MacManus asked Sligo County Council at the October monthly meeting if a number of units on a site in Easkey adhere to planning conditions.

Director of Services, Dorothy Clarke, outlined that two of the four applications queried by Cllr McManus have been complied with and no enforcement action was warranted.

Ms Clarke explained that the two others were retention applications for storage containers at Easkey Community Centre for a time period of one year.

She outlined, "This condition at the time was not complied with because the two containers remained in situ."

She went on to explain that in this matterthe retention of the two containers were later granted as part of a further application for the installation of an additional pre-fabricated container.

On hearing the council's response to Cllr MacManus' queries, Ms Gordon maintained that buildings were being built in Easkey with 'no planning permission' and that doors on the community centre did not comply with planning.

"This building has no fire cert, has nothing. There has to be someone, somewhere giving special treatment to these people," said Ms Gordon.

She added, "There's raw sewage regularly flowing down the streets of Easkey because there's no percolation on a site."

Ms Gordon said mediation had broke down between Easkey Community Council and her group, and now, they have appealed a planning matter to An Bord Pleanala

"There's a serious issue in Easkey and the ECC pulled out of mediation and they've continued with business as usual. The latest application was given by a special executive order even though there was six objections."

She added that a vote of no confidence had been taken in Easkey Community Council and now, Independent Cllr Michael Clarke has been 'mandated' to take that to the next council meeting'.

Sligo Champion