Sunday 26 May 2019

Bus stops are in need of upgrade

Stops and proposed route changes have been raise with NTA

The National Transport Authority says some 59 out of 73 bus stops in Sligo are in poor condition. The issue was raised with the NTA by local election candidate, Blaine Gaffney.

"The bus network in Sligo and its associated infrastructure is in serious need of upgrade by the National Transport Authority," he said.

He has called on Sligo County Council, Bus Eireann and the National Transport Authority to start implementing the required changes to the service in Sligo and its associated infrastructure without delay.

The local publican and parliamentary Assistant to Tony McLoughlin TD, was speaking after it was confirmed by the NTA that the bus stop network in Sligo is in very poor condition and has recommended improvements at 59 out of the 73 Bus stops in Sligo.

Gaffney stated: "This is 81% of the current bus stop infrastructure in Sligo that needs improvement according to the NTA.

"This is a very high percentage of the network and it really highlights the lack of investment in bus associated infrastructure in Sligo since the recession.

"This review came about as a number of months ago we asked the NTA to conduct a review of the existing S1 and S2 service in Sligo because many people feel that the PSO routes need to be adjusted to better suit their community.

"For example, the residents of Maugheraboy and Treacy Avenue have been seeking an extended service for the last number of years to cater for the ageing population.

"We wanted them to take this into consideration. From this review of the S1 and S2 service the NTA also agreed to also look at the associated infrastructure aswell.

"There are many communities in Sligo and Strandhill who also want better bus infrastructure.

"The residents of Dorrins Strand in Strandhill want a bus shelter at the stop along with the residents of Knocknaganny Park. The list is endless and it needs to be addressed.

"Its clear that there are a lot of problems at the moment and this clarification from the NTA proves the point that greater investment is needed in Sligo.

"Nonetheless, I am pleased to confirm that the NTA have agreed to take into consideration these requests for new infrastructure and that they are now in consultation with Sligo County Council about these issues with a view towards improving the network going forward," concluded Gaffney.

Sligo Champion