Sunday 9 December 2018

'Burglaries are not always at 3am'

Garda Tony Lavin told the community alert meeting that a misconception is that people think rural burglaries happen at 3am.

"People think that but that is not the case anymore especially in the countryside, maybe in town. The most common time is daytime and a typical burglar will drive up to someone's house and see if there is no car there then they might ring the bell or knock on the door.

"If no one answers then they will generally go around to the back of the house and smash a window and gain entry and grab what they can," he explained. Garda Lavin said that houses or premises that are concealed with bushes or mature gardens are ideal for potential burglars to shield from neighbours nearby.

"With the likes of bushes and mature gardens burglars won't be seen around the back of houses.

"The priest's house in Geevagh was broken into a month ago and again there was a mature garden around the back for cover and even though there is a house very close it was shielded from view.

"The best thing to do is to stop them from getting around the back easily. Put up a gate access to places where they can't be seen.

"Having an alarm or a dog that makes a racket is another good precaution. Sensor lights are great too, simple things like putting them up on a side wall," Garda Lavin added.

Sligo Champion