Thursday 14 December 2017

Bunninadden pick up point is "unsuitable"

Sligo County Council meeting

Cllr Keith Henry
Cllr Keith Henry
Cllr. Margaret Gormley

Sorcha Crowley

Bus Eireann's proposed pick up point at Quarryfield Cross, Bunninadden is "totally unsuitable" and will make life "very difficult" for 27 school children.

That's according to Cllr Keith Henry who called on the Council to forward concerns to Bus Eireann.

"There are 27 children and their families who would be affected by this. It's totally unsuitable as a pick up point for a large number of kids," he said.

"There will be a congregation of cars, both at the crossroads and at another junction," he said.

Cllr Henry wanted the Council to put pressure on the Department to direct Bus Eireann to reverse their decision as this was the last meeting of the Council before September.

Cllr Margaret Gormley disagreed however.

"I'm disappointed with Cllr Henry that he has this motion down. All the parents are looking to uphold the route. By agreeing to this we are submitting to the route being changed," she said.

"We need the service and route maintained because of the number of kids attending St Attracta's School," she said.

Cllr Gormley said there were ten children leaving the school in Bunninadden, with five going to school in Ballymote and five going to Tubbercurry.

"We're meeting the TDs this evening, it's up to the TDs to ensure that this route is maintained.

"The location of Bunninadden is half way between Ballymote and Tubbercurry.

She said while 27 children would be affected this September, that figure will rise to 34 in the 2018-2019 school year.

"That's a lot of children to be inconvenienced," she said.

Responding, Council official Tom Brennan said it was "an operational matter for Bus Eireann."

He said any concerns users had regarding the locations of collection and drop-off points "should be forwarded to Bus Eireann."

"If these were suitable locations they would be bus stops and they're not so I don't see why the Council would not have concerns," replied Cllr Henry.

As for Cllr Gormley, he said he didn't think by getting a report it weakened their argument. His motion was passed, with Cllr Gormley abstaining.

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