Friday 23 August 2019

Building hit by car for third time

The scene of the accident at the Inner Relief Road junction with Church Hill on Wednesday
The scene of the accident at the Inner Relief Road junction with Church Hill on Wednesday

Emma Gallagher

There were traffic diversions in place along the Inner Relief Road after a car crashed into a building at the junction of Wolfe Tone St/Church Hill early on Wednesday morning. This is the third time that a vehicle has crashed into the Sligo Sinn Féin office located at the junction.

Gardaí and Emergency Services attended the scene and diversions were in place for some time utilising Wolfe Tone Street, until the collision was cleared.

Local Sinn Féin Councillor Chris MacManus said this was the third time a car has crashed into the building and said thankfully nobody was seriously hurt.

He said there was a lot of damage done to the front door and frame of the building and that an assessment will have to be carried out to see if there is any structural damage.

"This is the third time the office has been hit, the last one was in December 2017 and there was another one before that too.

"Thankfully there was nobody seriously hurt. I understand that the driver of the car was released from hospital.

"The crash happened at 7:30am and the road was closed after that.

"The damage is the worst so far to the front door and the frame and it will have to be assessed to see if there's any structural damage.

"The fact that there was no rails there to slow down the car was a factor. They were taken up in 2017 and re-installed but they were taken out after another vehicle hit them since then and they were not re-installed."

The Councillor said that he raised the junction dangers to the Council since the 2017 accident and say he sees quite a number of incidents at the junction. "From working in the office I've witnessed drivers coming down from Summerhill and when they see the amber light at the traffic lights they keep going. The length of the hill is deceiving and then they can't stop and suddenly the lights are red and the Church Hill vehicles are crossing." He said it's a big worry for local pedestrians and thankfully no one was there on Wednesday morning. "I brought the issue up with the Council and they said there was nothing unusual, that it was a similar junction to any other junction and there was nothing different from anywhere else.

"But I don't see too many buildings hit 3 times by vehicles, so it deserves wider discussion," he added. "Thankfully, there was no on hurt, buildings can be fixed, there was no one in the office at the time either.

"I will talk to the Council about putting in some form of railings that are more sturdy because the ones that were there with any kind of hit at all the bolts would come loose as they were only 4 or 5 inches long," he added.

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