Wednesday 17 January 2018

Bryan: 'There will be a very angry response'

THERE WILL be "a very angry response" meat processors try to cut cattle prices.

That's according to IFA leader John Bryan who said some factory agents were attempting to instill uncertainty into the price situation.

Bryan, who attended Green Week in Berlin recently, said the equine DNA testing was not an issue across our important continental European markets.

He said: "The equine DNA issue did not feature among the thousands of delegates attending this major international food event".

But he added: "It is essential that the Department of Agriculture quickly identify the precise source of the equine DNA, and who is responsible for this product ending up in Irish burgers.

He said: "IFA has told factories in no uncertain terms that any move to destabilise prices would meet with strong resistance from farmers.


"Factories must act responsibly and farmers cannot be penalised over what has happened in the last week."

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