Monday 23 April 2018

Broadcasting to the world

Paul Deering

He's been involved in the radio scene in Sligo for upwards on 30 years and now he's broadcasting to the World from his own house.

Eddie Gillespie, who lives in Rathbraughan Park, has had an unwavering loyalty to local broadcasting, a love which goes back to the days of pirate radio in the 1980s.

A plan to establish a hospital radio service didn't get off the ground for Eddie but now he's found his niche once more - through the internet. Garavogue Radio is broadcast by Eddie from his home from 10pm to midnight from Monday to Thursday and is steadily building up a listenership.

"It's slowly getting off the ground and interest is building all the time. I play all kinds of music and my wish is to develop it more with the introduction of news and current affairs content," he says.

He particularly wants to aid local bands and groups.

It wasn't too expensive to establish and he hopes to be in a position to broadcast adverts soon. There's no need for a licence from the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland as the station is on the net.

"It's a new way of getting a station off the ground," says Eddie.

"Back in the eighties there were many pirate stations in Sligo Town such West side FM and Power FM which were the last before the law was changed to license stations.

There was Sligo Radio too and there was a station even called Ocean FM at that time as well along with Radio City FM plus others at various times.

"A few years ago I got the idea of setting up an internet radio from a friend at work. I was thinking about the idea for a while. I contacted AVA in Finisklin and some time later they came out and set it up for me.

"Garavogue Radio is broadcasting now for over three months. I sometimes broadcast at the weekends as well. The name of the show is the Eddie Gillespie music show. I put the times of the shows up on my facebook page plus the link, phone numbers and also online and the email address for requests and dedications.

"I hope to develop the station more in the future and to help events in Sligo like the various festivals and tourism.

"I was involved in Sligo Community Radio in 2004 as well. In fact, it was my idea to start it with the help of Sligo Leader partnership who played a major role in setting it up

"We got a temporary broadcasting license at the time from the BCI, now the BAI, Garavogue Radio is only a music station at present and like I stated, I hope to do other things with it in the future, like helping community groups and so on," he said. Garavogue Radio can be found at

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