Monday 11 December 2017

Brenda is blooming in Ballymote

Brenda Duffy designing a flower arrangement at her home in Ballymote.
Brenda Duffy designing a flower arrangement at her home in Ballymote.

BLOOMING in Ballymote.

Brenda Duffy has been a flower arranger and demonstrator for 35 years.

She's delighted 'Spring is in the air.'

Brenda's husband is one of the founder members of the County Sligo Flower and Garden Club.

She said: "We've always loved flowers.

"The orchid is my favourite.

"I like creating various arrangements.

Brenda began to take her hobby a little more seriously when she first went to a class with Sligo's Jennie Hamilton.

She later qualified as a flower demonstrator with the Dublin based Association of Irish Floral Artists.

Brenda recently presented 'Spring Miscellany' in The Sligo Park Hotel-home to the local Club.

She said: "We meet up once a month.

"Members get a chance to present their own displays and demonstrations.

"We have about 50 members from throughout the county.

"It's good to get different views and ideas."

The Club has also worked at the Sligo International Choral Festival and a various functions in City Hall.

In Ballymote, Brenda helps out with flower arranging at the Church of the Immaculate Conception.

She said: "There's about 25 of us and we do it on a rota basis.

"It's something I like doing and I'm glad to give a hand.

"It's just another interest and a way of using flowers."

Brenda also assists with classes in the Spring, Autumn and at Christmas in Ballymote.

She said: "It's a seasonal type thing.

"The demonstrations depend on the time of year."

Brenda is eagerly looking forward to Ireland hosting the World Flower show at the RDS, Dublin, in June.

She said: "It doesn't come around here that often.

"It should be an excellent event."

Sligo Champion

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