Monday 18 December 2017

Borough Council's unfair deal -- Mayor

Mayor of Sligo David Cawley
Mayor of Sligo David Cawley


WHEN IT comes to allocation of central government funding, Sligo's mayor feels the borough council is not being treated fairly.

That's because although the county council is in debt to the tune of more than €70m, it received a slight increase in its allocation.

But the borough council, which has no history of major deficits, has had its funding cut by 5%.

Mayor David Cawley is of the opinion that the borough council hasn't been rewarded for the way in which it has carried out its business.

"As mayor, I would be looking for consistency of treatment," he told The Sligo Champion.

He added: "There is a reduced envelope of money from the government but there is no history of deficits with the borough council.

"But the treatment of the county council seems to be at variance in that it got more from the Local government Fund that it got last year."

The Mayor also pointed out that this could be the last 12month budget for the borough council.

If the borough council is abolished, there will be be six-month budgets for the county council.

He said that if the borough council was abolished, it's funding would also be gone.

And that would have consequences for those in the borough who would then be seeking to recoup the balance from the county council.

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