Saturday 17 August 2019

Blissfully happy before death

Just days before 34 year old Glenn Carty lost his life in a road accident in August 2017 he had told his mother he was 'blissfully happy' in a new relationship.

Eileen Carty, mother of motorcyclist Glenn, who was from Ballygawley and had formerly lived in Ballisodare told Carrick-on-Shannon Circuit Court that her son had met a 'special girl' in the months before the road traffic accident in which he lost his life.

"He met a special girl Laura and told me how blissfully happy he was and that she was officially his girlfriend days before the accident," said Ms Carty.

She said her son's favourite song was 'Grace' and added that it was ironic that Glenn's life story was similar to the song and quoted the lyrics, 'No time to share their love, no time to say goodbye'.

Speaking of her son's character and interests in great detail in her Victim Impact Statement, Ms Carty said her family were heartbroken at the loss of Glenn who was 'a gentleman'.

She said Glenn had experienced ill health for a time during his teenage years, but that the family came together and overcame this.

She spoke of his love for dogs, his ability to manage money, and the special times he and his family shared dancing to a specially created playlist of music.

"He is such a part of who we are. I hope we can move forward with gratitude...He will always be a part of our lives," concluded Ms Carty.

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