Wednesday 21 March 2018

Bishop talks of a changing world

Bishop of Elphin Kevin Doran has spoken about the lack of permanence in life today.

"I think most of us recognise that the world is changing faster in this generation than it ever did before.

"All the voices in our culture: in media, in advertising and in the cinema reflect that lack of permanence.

"We are being told all the time to keep our options open; that something better is just around the corner," said the Bishop who was delivering a Homily at the Grotto, Lourdes on the occasion of the Elphin Diocesan Pilgrimage there last week.

He said: "God has something great that he wants to do with your life. I'm not talking about someone else's life.

"I'm talking about yours. Does that very thought surprise you? Maybe you can already discern his presence working in you, as Mary did?

"Maybe you already have some idea of what he wants you to do at this particular moment in your life. It doesn't matter who you are, or what age you are, God is always working in your life.

"We must be grateful too for the witness of so many people who do continue to make and to live commitments which are rooted in love and in the desire to offer the gift of themselves. Each year we invite couples in our Diocese to celebrate the jubilee of their marriage and we have similar celebrations to mark 25 or 50 years of priesthood and religious life.

"All of this bears witness to the fact that it is possible through God's grace, even if it is not always easy, to live fruitful committed lives.

"On our pilgrimage this year, we are privileged to have with us Dorothy and Paul who, just yesterday, exchanged their consent to be husband and wife.

"Last Sunday, a young man from our diocese began his formation for the priesthood in Maynooth and one of the sisters in our new community in Roscommon will make her final profession on September 8th. These are all signs of hope.

"God may be asking you to consider a new direction in your life, or simply to continue walking faithfully and generously in the path which you are already following."

Sligo Champion