Tuesday 20 February 2018

Bishop says baby's delivery 'unethical'

THE new Bishop of Elphin has criticised the delivery of a baby by caesarean section on a young woman in the first test of the country's abortion laws.

Bishop Doran said that the baby was delivered in an untimely fashion when there was no physical reason for doing so.

He added: "The removal of a child from the womb in that kind of context is really unethical and there is no other way of putting it.

"It was far better that the child was removed from the womb to be saved than to be aborted, but it is not natural."

Last week the story emerged about the young woman who had her baby delivered after going on hunger strike.

The foreign national told doctors that she was suicidal, however her request for a termination was refused after being assessed by an independent panel.

Bishop Doran added: "I wouldn't specifically want to criticise the people who made the decision because at the end of the day the decision they made was to save the life of a child, when the forces around them would have been saying abort the child.

"I wouldn't regard it as a great achievement to take a child from its mother's womb at 24 weeks of age."

The case has sparked major divide on both sides of the abortion debate.

Sligo Champion

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