Monday 26 August 2019

Ballisodare concerns on speeding

Action needs to be taken to slow speeding drivers on a minor link road in Ballisodare.

That's according to newly elected Fine Gael Councillor, Thomas Walsh who has slammed what he says is "a complete ignorance of speed limits and other road users" on the Ballisodare to Union road.

He said he had been contacted by residents along the Ballisodare to Union Road which leads on to the Ballygawley road, and members of a number of community groups in Ballisodare expressing concern about the current levels of the speed of vehicles along the road.

"Residents are not only concerned for their own safety upon leaving and entering their properties but also for walkers, joggers and cyclists who also use the route which is becoming extremely busy," he said.

Cllr Walsh also claimed that there was an accident every few weeks entering and exiting the narrow bridge leading into Ballisodare on the same road.

"The bridge entering Ballisodaremmis too narrow and doesn't allow for accessible speed. There is also a large increase in road users with the new state of the art sports facilities at Young's Quarry at which no additional safety measures have been added to the entrance, an issue which also needs to be looked at," said Cllr Walsh. He claimed: "There is a blind eye being turned and it is unacceptable."

He added:"I have spoken with An Gardai this week and have asked for an increase in speed checks. I have also spoken with Sligo County Council on a number of proposals brought forward by the community. A safety strategy must be put in place".

Sligo Champion