Friday 19 July 2019

Ballintogher works welcomed

The commencement of road, footpath and lighting works in Ballingtogher village sees a total of €20,000 going towards a number of different projects.

These include a new footpath from Kingsfort Manor Estate to the school and village.

There will also be a new street light for the school.

The works which are expected to take 4 weeks, have been welcomed by local Sinn Féin Councillor Thomas Healy.

He said: "Following extensive lobbying and negotiating with the Council, the school and the R290 group a sum of €20,000 has been allocated for works now due to begin for a period of four weeks.

"There will be a new footpath from Kingsfort Manor Estate serving the school and continuing into the village.

"The old boundary wall between the school and Kingsfort Manor will be stepped back about three metres, the ground excavated and a new wall erected.

"In addition a new street light will be provided for the school which is especially welcome as we are now in winter time.

"These works will of necessity entail some traffic management; there will be delays both entering and leaving Ballintogher but I will be working with the contractor in order to keep this to a minimum.

"These works will result in a substantial enhancement of the village and will be a welcome amenity for pedestrians and school children," he added.

Sligo Champion