Saturday 16 December 2017

Aunt accepts niece's assault apology

Gabrielle McSharry leaving Sligo courthouse last Thursday.
Gabrielle McSharry leaving Sligo courthouse last Thursday.

A 56-year-old woman who claimed she was badly assaulted by her niece told Sligo District Court she didn't want the case to proceed.

Gabrielle McSharry said the incident involving her niece, Fiona McSharry, who was charged with assault, had been "a deeply disturbing and stressful time".

It was a family matter and she had received an apology and undertaking from her niece.

The defendant, Fiona McSharry was accused of assaulting her father's sister, Gabrielle.

The alleged assault took place at Tormore, Glencar on August 15th 2009 and the case had been adjourned on several occasions.

The matter was called as going on last Thursday and when Inspector Gerry Connolly called Gabrielle McSharry she began to read from a prepared statement.

She said the matter had caused anxiety to her but that there had been an amicable agreement reached.

"There has been a sincere apology from her," said Gabrielle McSharry.

She added that her niece now also lived in Glencar.

The witness said she would like to withdraw her complaint on the basis of her niece's undertakings.

Fiona McSharry had also given promises on the morning of the court there'd be no repeat behaviour.

"I have accepted that apology," said Gabrielle McSharry.

In reply to Inspector Connolly, witness said she had been repeatedly assaulted by her niece.

She had been taken on a spinal board to Sligo General Hospital and also had to attend her GP.

She also had to receive psychological treatment and had to take time off work.

Inspector Connolly told Judge Kilrane there was a certain course he could take but he didn't wish to.

Judge Kilrane said he was noting that the matter was withdrawn and struck out the case.

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