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Arrested woman (31) spat on seat and window of garda car


Sligo University Hospital.

Sligo University Hospital.

Sligo University Hospital.


A 31 year old woman who was shouting and pulling open doors in the A&E department of Sligo University Hospital was subsequently arrested and spat on the rear seat and window of the patrol car which had to be forensically cleaned.

Amy Casey of Abbey House, Sligo was charged with failure to comply with the direction of a garda on October 13th 2022. Sergeant Derek Butler told the court at 2:30am gardaí were called and the defendant was shouting and attempting to pull open doors to a treatment room.

She was told to desist and leave and attempted to enter the department, which was extremely busy, via the rear. She became aggressive after being arrested and spat in the patrol vehicle which was then out of action.

She had 30 previous convictions. Defending solicitor Mr John Anderson said his client was very apologetic. He told Judge Sandra Murphy a Probation Report would be required.

The judge adjourned until February for an up to date Probation Report.

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