Tuesday 20 February 2018

Archaeologist delves into Sligo's past with new book

Martin Timoney
Martin Timoney

IN HIS yellow florescent jacket, he's a familiar sight on various construction and work sites around Sligo.

But when Martin Timoney is around, it's to record and preserve rather than to knock or build.

The Keash, Ballymote resident is one of the best-known archaeologists in the country.

He has studied, lectured and written widely.

His latest work is sure to become another keepsake publication.

He has just edited a book called 'Dedicated to Sligo', with 34 essays on Sligo's past.

The volume runs to more than 270 pages, including a colour section.

Contributors include some of the country's leading archaeologists and historians.

Martin, pictured, said: "They draw new and exciting knowledge about what Sligo looked like at times in the remote past.

"About the struggles and conflicts of those who changed lifestyles.

"And the products of humble and status craftsmen.

"They give us a greater understanding of our county and its place in Ireland's past and present."

Topics covered include: Monuments, Bronze Age life, Caves of Keash, Sligo Castle, Sligo Abbey, Hazelwood House, crafted objects, and Drumcliffe high cross.

Among the people covered are the Meldrum and Yeats families.

It also deals with shop fronts, fishing boats and folklore practices.

Martin lives in Keash with his wife, Mary who has also published a book. She is the author of "Had me Made," a study of the grave memorials of County Sligo from 1650 to the present.

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