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All roads lead to Ballymote

THE 22nd annual Heritage Weekend in Ballymote, organised by the local Heritage Group, will run from the evening of Friday July 29th to the evening of Monday August 1st.

The formal opening will begin at 8.30 pm on the Friday evening and will be performed by Peta Taaffe, and she will also give the opening lecture "A Family Called Taaffe". This renowned family was famous for generations in European military and state affairs, as well as Irish affairs, and for a time in the 17th century were in possession of Ballymote Castle. Peta Taaffe is a descendant.

The Saturday coach outing, departing at 9 am sharp, will be to Foxford Woollen Mills and Turlough Park Museum. The evening lecture, at 8.30, will be given by Barbara Walsh PhD and titled "When the Shopping was Good: Woolworths and the Irish Main Street".

Sunday's outing, leaving at 2.00 pm, will be to Glenview Folk Museum, near Ballinamore. This is a private collection of over 6000 antique, historical and novel items ranging from pre-famine Ireland. The 8.30 lecture will be titled "Eva Gore Booth, Champion of the Worker", given by Cllr Ruth Illingworth, MA, Historian. From a very famous Sligo family, Eva Gore Booth spent much of her life in Manchester where she worked energetically for women's rights. She was also an accomplished poet. Ruth Illingworth is a lecturer at NUI, Maynooth; she is Chair of the Mullingar Historical and Archaeological Society and President of the Westmeath Historical and Archaeological Society.

The third outing, leaving at 9 am on Monday, will be to the Céide Fields, Downpatrick Head and Rosserk Abbey, with Micheál Murphy as guide. This area of Co Mayo is full of archaeological and historical significance and spectacular natural formations.

The final lecture, on Monday at 8.30, is "Lawlessness Prevails Everywhere – South Sligo 1918-1921". It will be given by Michael Farry PhD. Michael has studied the period of the War of Independence and the Civil War in Sligo to doctoral level, and has written extensively on it.

There will be a question and answer session after each night's lecture, following which there will be complimentary tea and light refreshments for everybody.

The coach for each outing will depart from the car park of the Catholic church.