Saturday 15 June 2019

Abortion services undermine the common good of society, says Bishop

Bishop of Elphin Kevin Doran has said that those Catholics, including politicians who promoted what he termed was the taking of innocent life during the past year to return to the ‘Gospel of Life’ where they would find true peace.

“It is tragic that today, when paradoxically we celebrate the Motherhood of Mary, the fruit of political action which is being celebrated by our government and parliament, is the fact that today we have the beginning of what they describe as “services for the termination of pregnancy”, said the Bishop in a New Year’s Day homily delivered at 11am Mass in the Cathedral.

He went on to say: “A great deal of political energy went into achieving this fundamentally destructive target; energy that could otherwise have been used to do other things that would give life and hope to our society.

“This denial of the fundamental right to life will, whatever people say, unquestionably undermines the common good of our society.

“It will undermine the inner peace of mothers, fathers, grandparents, doctors and nurses and all who are directly touched by it.

“Those who have responsibility for the common good and for the formation of public policy carry a particular burden of responsibility for the consequences that their decisions have, not only for themselves, but for society as a whole. On this World Day of Prayer for Peace, we pray for them.

“I think it is appropriate to acknowledge the courage of those in public life who, especially during the past year, have taken personal and political risks to defend the right to life.

“By contrast, there is a genuine sadness that Catholics have been among those who publicly and persistently promoted the taking of innocent human life, whether for political or ideological reasons, or for their own personal advancement. In so doing, they have chosen a position which is clearly out of communion with the Church.

“There is no point in pretending otherwise. My message to them is a pastoral and spiritual message: Trusting in the mercy of God which knows no limits, I invite you to turn back to the Gospel of Life where you will find true peace”.

He also spoke of helplessness in society.

“Part of the problem is the experience of helplessness that so many people have.

“When so many people are stuck in refugee camps and direct provision centres; when families are without a home of their own; when so many sick people are waiting on trolleys for essential medical care, is it any wonder that people are frustrated. It is hard, if not impossible, to create peace when human rights are denied.

“Authentic peace is something that comes from the human spirit being in tune with the Spirit of God. It flows out from our hearts to heal the world around us.

“I think we all know instinctively that the wars that spring up around the world and the violence that happens in our own society come about because hearts are not at peace.”

Sligo Champion