Tuesday 21 November 2017

'A little piece of Paula'

Community's 'ray of light' Paula Gorman has marble bench dedicated to her memory in Cranmore

Resource House staff pictured with Michael, Mary and Tommie Gorman at the unveiling of the bench in memory of their sister, Paula Gorman
Resource House staff pictured with Michael, Mary and Tommie Gorman at the unveiling of the bench in memory of their sister, Paula Gorman
From left, Marion Farrell, Leanne Fox, Lilly Gallagher and Michelle Fox
Maeve Whittington
From left, Ruth Kennedy, Muireann Harkin, Jean Kennedy, Mary Gorman with Bonnie and Orla Kennedy
From left, Fr Stephen Walsh, Resource House Manager Anne Marie Kelly and Mary Gorman

Sinead Healy

The sun shone down on Cranmore last Friday as the local Resource Centre officially unveiled their 'little piece of Paula' to the whole community.

They were there to honour the late Paula Gorman with a marble bench engraved with her name and the words 'Carpe Diem'.

Paula worked in the Centre as Project manager for more than 18 years and passed away last year.

The monument was unveiled by her older siblings, brothers Michael, Tommie and sister Mary.

Described as "a ray of light" in the Cranmore community, Paula had an impact on everyone she met and this was evident from the huge crowd that turned out to honour her memory.

Co-ordinator of the after-school club in Cranmore, Nike Ogun worked with Paula for more than ten years and said that she is sorely missed in the community.

"The memory of Paula we have carried in our hearts like our badges read on the day she was laid down and she remains in our hearts. What we miss most is how compassionate she was, caring and generous," he said.

"When you had a problem and you shared it with Paula, it became Paula's problem too and she would keep going until she found a solution.

"Paula was passionate about what she did and she will forever be in our hearts," said Nike.

Fr Stephen Walsh described Paula like a meteor shower that, "endlessly brightens up the night's sky with their brilliance and then are gone in the light but the memory remains forever."

Paula's compassion, drive and energy and her heart for people are what people remember her by and it is evident from talking to people in the Cranmore community that they have suffered a great loss with her passing.

Her brothers Tommie and Martin spoke about their sister with great admiration and how her death caused an "earthquake" for the family.

They told stories of her love of dogs and children and how much she loved helping people.

"She loved spotting a talent in a person and trying to encourage it and of course she also loved the craic. If Paula didn't have a laugh in her life it wasn't a life at all," they said.

Founder of the Resource Centre Maeve Whittington spoke fondly about Paula and how she "embraced the community and the community embraced her."

Helping others is what Paula loved to do and those who knew her were honour do so.

The marble bench located beside the Resource Centre and the memory of Paula will be sure to stand the test of time.

Sligo Champion

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