Saturday 20 April 2019

Mullaghmore traffic measures will be investigated by Council

A Sligo County Council area engineer will inspect the approach road into Mullaghmore for the need for traffic calming measures, says Council Senior Engineer Tom Brennan.

"This was brought to my attention a while ago. You then have the added problem of parking during the summer season.It would be worthwhile if the engineering department looked at it and looked at the possibilities at that particular location," said Cllr. Hubert Keaney.

"Mullaghmore gets very busy during the summer. Even flashing lights would be good, unless they're overly expensive," said Cllr. Seamus Kilgannon.

"They're not particularly expensive," said Tom Brennan. "We could apply to the department for those. We are advised against putting in ramps," he continued in response to Cllr. Keaney's query regarding the introduction of traffic calming measures in Mullaghmore.

Sligo Champion