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More efforts in bid to deter people from damaging Cairn

Borough District of Sligo council meeting

Sligo County Council is to make further efforts to ensure the public is deterred from climbing and damaging Queen Maeve's cairn.

The cairn - which is situated on top of Knocknarea - has been eroded in parts due to members of the public climbing, digging and taking rocks.

Cllr Chris MacManus put forward a motion at last Monday's meeting of the Borough District of Sligo County Council seeking an update on the conservation management plan for the cairn, after the Office of Public Works (OPW) made a commitment to formulate proposals.

Director of Planning, Community and Economic Development Dorothy Clarke told the meeting that the process is ongoing, but that the OPW has requested council assistance in some areas.

Ms Clarke said that certain areas, such as increased social media communication with locals and visitors alike with regard to the cairn and its conservation, will be examined by the council.

As well as this, there could be signs erected in the local area to further communicate to those visiting Knocknarea.

Cllr MacManus welcomed the movement in regard to further preservation of the cairn but called on the OPW process to be accelerated.

He said that as well as preservation of the cairn, there was a wider responsibility on the council to ensure that infrastructure in the area is adequate given the council uses the cairn and Knocknarea in tourism and promotion.

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