Tuesday 20 February 2018

Templeboy/Aughris Action Group

Residents of Templeboy and Aughris have come together to set up their own Action Group to improve their local area and fulfill their tourism potential.

Templeboy Aughris Rural Action (TARA) was praised by the County Council at the July Council meeting for their commitment to enhancing the area and developing their tourism potential.

Cllr Michael Clarke had tabled a motion calling on the Council to recognise the new group.

It held an inaugural meeting on 21st June in the Old School at Templeboy.

Cllr Clarke said it was attended by "really good people who are motivated by enhancing the local area."

Director of Services Dorothy Clarke said she looked forward to working with TARA and encouraged them to register with the Sligo Public Participation Network which is the overarching community network in Sligo.

The PPN brings together community, voluntary and environmental groups so that they can participate in the local decision making process.

It also means they could apply for funding from the Council.

Sligo Champion

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