Monday 19 March 2018

Sympathy extended

There was a vote of sympathy extended by Sligo Borough Council members to the family of former Borough caretaker, Jim McGowan, who passed away last week.

Clr Declan Bree proposed the vote of sympathy.

He said: "I wish to extend sympathy to Jim's sons, Alan and Robert, his sisters and extended family."

There was a short adjournment of the meeting as a mark of respect.

Mr McGowan had served as caretaker and superintendent of the building for more than 20 years.

Clr Bree added that he was very proud of his Sligo heritage and being an employee of Sligo Corporation.

"All those who had the privilege of serving as Mayor while he was caretaker will particularly remember the valuable help and assistance he provided to the holder of the office - well beyond the call of duty."

Clr Sean MacManus recalled an 'honest, decent, hard working man'.

Clr Jimmy McGarry said that he was the last lived in resident caretaker and the day his door closed was the end of an era.


Sympathy was extended to the family of the late Robert Wallace who tragically died in a road traffic accident in the UK.

Clr Arthur Gibbons proposed the vote of sympathy to Mr Wallace's mother, brothers and sisters.

He said: "Robert, from Cartron Estate, tragically died in England at the age of 43.

"I wish to express my sympathy to his family."

Clr Sean MacManus added that he knew Mr Wallace for many years and that it was extremely sad for a young man that age to lose his life.


Sympathy was extended to the family of a young woman who lost her life in a house fire in Sligo two weeks ago.

Clr David Cawley proposed the vote of sympathy to the Feely family on the loss of Catriona (34).

He said: "Sadly this was a double tragedy as Catriona's father, Michael, died a couple of days later.

"It is very tragic."

Clr Matt Lyons seconded the vote of sympathy.

Sligo Champion