Friday 19 January 2018

St. Mary's College: all the news

Carrowmore tombs

As part of their Neolithic art studies, our LC class visited Carrowmore, in what was an interesting and engaging experience, organised by Ms. Salter.

Adventure trip

Our first years had fun in the North West Adventure Centre, Ballinafad, taking part in kayaking, white water rafting and more.

School reunion

It has been decided that the past pupils reunion is taking place on March 2nd.

Choir members

The school choir welcomes new members for their many events throughout the year.

Maths challenge

A sample of students competed in the National Maths Challege, Prism, recently.

The event was organised by NUI Galway.

We have a proud history of great success in this challenge and eagerly await how our performance this year will rate nationally. Ms. McCoy and Ms. Maree organised in the school.

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