Thursday 19 July 2018

Sligo Rovers praised for facilitating recycling bays at The Showgrounds

A new recycling facility has been opened at The Showgrounds on the Maugheraboy Road, with Sligo Rovers being praised for their willingness to facilitate the bays at the Showgrounds.

Councillor Chris MacManus said: "For years all of the Borough area's recycling bays were located on the eastern side of the Inner Relief Road. I'm delighted that a much-needed West Ward recycling bay is now available.

"Despite over a thousand homes being in the Maugheraboy and West Ward area with a population of several thousand, not one single recycling facility\bottle bank was located on this side of the Inner Relief Road.

"I was delighted when in late April, the council confirmed that they had found a site at The Showgrounds and within the last week this site has become open to the public. It will be fully maintained by the Council and available during daytime hours. I strongly encourage residents to make full use of it.

"Many thanks to Sligo Rovers for facilitating the Council. Finding a suitable site within any community can be difficult, but the Rovers stepped up to the mark and showed why they are an integral part of our community."

Sligo Champion