Wednesday 20 March 2019

Skreen church celebrates bicentenary

There will be celebrations in the parish of Skreen this weekend for the bicentenary of the Skreen Parish Church of Ireland church.

A celebration service will take place at the church this Sunday, August 12th, at 4pm.

"This is a rural parish with a big farming community," Canon Noel Regan told The Sligo Champion.

There will be a host of visitors on the day for the special event.

There will be a choir from Killadeas, Co. Fermanagh singing while Bishop Patrick Rooke will be giving the sermon.

"The church has been altered over the years. The design was changed a few times," added the revered.

"There was a clergyman, by the name of Nangle, involved in Achill Island. He was very evangelical in terms of his churchman-ship.

"He spent the last years of his ministry in Skreen. There is a certain influence of his ministry still there. It is quite evangelical."

The church itself is designed beautifully and contains stunning artwork.

"There's a piece in Skreen Church called 'Black Tomb' which is a very interesting work done by sculptors called Diamonds. The workmanship is stunning. The church is very Anglican."

He added: "It's going to be a lovely occasion and it's important for parishioners too."

Sligo Champion