Friday 22 March 2019

Riverstown community celebrates

Organisers of the Taunagh Church in Riverstown said they were delighted with their bicentenary celebrations which took place on Sunday.

John Taylor said everyone really enjoyed the events which included a memorabilia exhibition in the Cooper Memorial Hall.

He said: "One scene recaptured an encounter between the Bishop and a beggar "Terry the Grunter" 200 years ago.

"The Grunter heard that the Bishop was coming to consecrate the Church at Riverstown in August 1818 and he thought it would be an opportunity to beg for money.

"The Bishop had no money so Terry the Grunter was very angry with the Bishop and spoke in a not very complimentary manner.

"Thankfully Bishop Glenfield on Sunday had a 1797 old penny to give to the Beggar so he was happy.

"Over 1000 people attended the flower festival and memorabilia exhibition over the weekend which was an experience never to be repeated," a delighted John added.

Sligo Champion