Monday 22 January 2018

Paddy was well known for his 'Strawboys' role

The late Paddy Coen
The late Paddy Coen

The funeral took place recently of Paddy Coen, a native of Kilturra, Bunninadden.

He was particularly remembered for his involvement in the Thursday night "Strawboys" shows in Killoran's of Tubbercurry.

Acting the character of "the old man," he delighted locals and visitors with his performances.

He was also singer, one of his favourite songs having been "My Old Sligo Home."

Another of his passions was dancing.

Annie Killoran, who was his companion in the Strawboys as the old woman, paid tribute to him.

She said: "Paddy had a great personality.

"He performed the stage Irish performances of traditional life in Ireland.

"He wore old pants with patches, hay ropes around his hat and pants.

"He delighted the Americans, English, French and various other nationalities.

"On the Old Fair Days, we dresssed up, danced on The Square and Main Street, a scene enjoyed by hundreds of people.

"The old man was wearing old pants with patches, hay ropes around his hat and pants.

"Paddy was loved by everyone."

Annie's son, Tommy, said: "We started doing the Irish Night back in the 1970s.

"A big part of the night was the "Strawboys" performed by the locals.

"But by far the best 'old man' was Paddy, dressed with the breeches, tweed waist coat, pen-striped cotton shirt, tie and black bowler hat.

"Paddy acted out the part with great style.

"Americans, English and others looked on in complete amazement.

"A few times we got bookings out of town, as far away as Donegal, and Paddy never let us down.

"Dancing was his great passion.

"Paddy was light on his feet."

His remains were removed to the Church of the Sacred Heart in Bunninadden.

Following funeral Mass, the funeral took place to Cloonameehan Cemetery.

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