Wednesday 20 March 2019

One of the biggest crowds yet for Old Sligo Cemetery tour

Among the many events taking place throughout Sligo as part of National Heritage Week was a Guided Tour of Old Sligo Cemetery, led by caretaker Brian Scanlon.

Despite the weather playing up, huge crowds attended what was a fascinating insight into the history of Sligo Cemetery and the many people interred there on Thursday.

It was run in conjunction with Heritage Week and Sligo Tidy Towns.

Among the people who was at the talk was Joe Caheny and he said he was amazed at the crowd,

Joe told the Sligo Champion: "I couldn't get over how many people were there especially considering it was a bad evening weatherwise with lots of rain.

"It was a massive crowd of around 100. The tour was based on the upper section of the cemetery and the centre section.

"Brian Scanlon, the caretaker of the cemetery was giving the tour.

"It was unbelievable how interesting it was, I was telling people who didn't get to go that they really missed on, it was fascinating.

"Brian was talking about the Jink man who was in politics and then we went to O'Connor's tomb and also Edward Howard Verdon, who founded The Sligo Champion in 1836 and his grave had no headstone when he died. It was erected in 2011.

"Among the graves we visited was that of Beezie which has been restored.

"She lived on her island on Lough Gill and the whole town knew her, she was some character. She was born in 1870 and died on the island in 1949.

"We talked about the vaults in the cemetery and how the stones had to be lifted for internments.

"Everyone thought it was great and people came from Mohill too.

"Heritage Week has been really good, there has been a nice crowd at the events and it is nice to see the faces from the past," Joe added.

Sligo Champion