Tuesday 24 April 2018

Men's shed now up and running

Seamus Davey, Kieran Meehan, Chris Mulhern, John Pettipiece and Derek Proughton at the shed.
Seamus Davey, Kieran Meehan, Chris Mulhern, John Pettipiece and Derek Proughton at the shed.

The Men's Shed is finally up and running in Ballymote.

It is located in a building donated by Vincent McDonagh & Sons at Stonepark Lane, known locally as "the Back Road."

The Shed already has about 15 members. Chairman is Brendan Healy; secretary Derek Droughton and treasurer Kieran Meehan.

Much of the work carried out by members involves woodwork and the making of garden furniture.

Francis Moyles, of the Family Resource Centre, said: "The hope is to do some seating for people around the town. But it's as much social as anything else.

"It's a place where people can come together and can have a chin wag, a cup of coffee, a game of cards.

"They do not have to be making something. It's just some place they can call their own."

Chris Mulhern said he was very happy to be involved with the Men's Shed.

"It's great to get out of the house," he added.

Kieran Meehan said: "We are making garden furniture. For example, a wishing well, swing, garden benches large and small, bird baths. We repair tools such as handles and shovels. And we do sign-writing, flower boxes, bird boxes, anything to do with timber.

"We are all unemployed and some of us are on pension. It's better than sitting at home on your own. You can have a chat, a cup of tea, a bit of ban ter and do some work.

"Vinnie McDonagh and Sons donated the premises and a lot of the townspeople donated stuff to us at the beginning to renovate the building.

"Tom Currid and Sons donated a portacabin for a canteen."

The Men's Shed is now welcoming new members. Chris said: "Anyone over 18 who wants to come in and have a cup of tea is welcome."

Kieran added: "In the winter months we are hoping to have a darts team and enter into competition with other Sheds."

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