Monday 22 January 2018

Keeping the pub fires burning!

Patrick Ward proprietor of the Fox's Den, Keash, who is offering ‘A pint for a bag of turf'.
Patrick Ward proprietor of the Fox's Den, Keash, who is offering ‘A pint for a bag of turf'.

THEY'LL BE 'keeping her lit' in Keash this winter!

Patrick Ward of The Fox's Den has come up with a novel way to keep his two pub fires blazing.

He's hold a 'Turf Swapping Night' next Saturday, September 21st.

For a bag of turf, a customer will get a pint.

Patrick told The Sligo Champion:"It's just a bit of fun to bring in a bit of custom.

"We have two open fires that have to be kept going for the winter. "So we thought about swapping a bag of turf for a pint.

"I am getting a bag of turf at the cost price of a pint."

And it seems Patrick is already getting more than turf.

The quirky idea has generated much interest on social media and was trending on twitter.

Patrick added: "It's just one of those whacky ideas that has got a lot of attention.

"It's a bit of fun and a bit of hype for the pub."

But the idea has restrictions.

There's a limit of four bags per person or couple.

The maximum number of bags accepted on the night will be 150.

The turf, in fertiliser bags only, must be of good quality.

And, lest any cheeky customer is thinking about it, Patrick points out the 'pints' do not include pints of spirits!

However, if the idea seems funny, it also highlights a serious issue, particularly in rural areas like Keash.

That's the struggle of all business, including pubs, to survive.

Patrick said: "The way the business is going, you have to come up with ideas or you will not get people in.

"People aren't going out as much.

"When they do go out, they want to have a bit of fun.

"Normally, the pub trade is quiet at this time of the year with children going back to school.

"In this business, you are always thinking of ideas to get people in, and for them to leave happy."

Patrick is no stranger to innovative ideas.

He's also the man behind Keash Twinfest, which has attracted international attention to the area.

At least, in The Fox's Den this winter, anyone visiting can be assured of a 'warm' welcome.

And if the pub business ever goes belly-up, Patrick needn't worry.

He may have a future in marketing!

Sligo Champion

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