Friday 18 January 2019

Illegal dumping clean up

Plans are being drawn up to remove the waste from the lands adjoining the Woodland housing estate in Ballytivnan - the same field where a dead foal was found some weeks ago.

Councillor Thomas Healy raised the issue at last week's meeting of Sligo Municipal District.

He called on the Council to make funding available to clean it up.

"The amount of dumping there is unbelievable and it's nearly all recycling waste. We need to contact the HSE. It's the same field where we came across the dead foal," said Cllr Healy.

"We need hefty fines to be imposed, hit them in the pocket. People are dumping left, right and centre. It's not just in the town. It's when they're speeding around the county," he added.

Director of Services Tom Kilfeather told Cllr Healy that the Environment Section was aware of the illegal dumping issues on the land adjoining the estate.

He said plans were currently being prepared for the removal of the waste from the site.

He also added that there was a "significant" amount of waste previously removed from the site by the Council in conjunction with the HSE which is the legal owner of the lands in question.

Sligo Champion