Saturday 25 November 2017

GRAD DAY celebrations


MORE than 1,800 graudates were conferred at the annual IT Sligo Conferring Ceremonies.

In a welcome boost to the local economy, they were joined by family and friends from Sligo and throughout Ireland on Thursday and Friday last.

A number of online students also graduated.

Hotels, restaurants and pubs were packed during the week as a result.

The Sam Maguire Cup and Airtricity League trophy also made appearances.

IT Sligo President Terri Scott stressed a Technological University should be established in Connacht and Ulster in her address to the ceremonies.

IT Sligo is working with its strategic partners in GMIT and LYIT to achieve this designation.

Professor Scott said: "Since the outset of the process, IT Sligo has had a clear and resolute vision of what we want to achieve for this region.

"We want to maintain the same level of high quality education we currently provide, and we want to enhance it further."

All graduates and their families and friends celebrated a great day.

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