Sunday 19 November 2017

Gino looking for info on late father's roots

Councillor Gino O'Boyle is seeking information on his late father's family, and has appealed for anyone who knows anything to contact him.

Seamie O'Boyle passed away tragically in 2015, without knowing where he came from, and Gino now wants to find out.

Gino said in a Facebook post: "We are trying to find out where he was born so maybe someone will recognise the picture or the curtains or anything in the picture, any help is greatly appreciated. My father's birth is a mystery. He was brought to the Nazareth House in Sligo on the 25th of July 1957 from Cavan by a Maureen McCabe and Cyril McCaul and was organised by Fr Patrick Gallagher from RockCorry with the intention of sending on at a later date a birth certificate but that ultimately never came. Unfortunately all are deceased. The last place my dad was before going to Sligo was the McCabe household in Tullyvin.

"I have contacted some family members and while there was some help it brought us no answers. My dad was 6-8 months old before he was brought to Sligo which begs the question: Where was he before he came to Sligo? The Nazareth have helped me look for answers but unfortunately the majority of nuns that was working when my dad came in are also deceased. Somebody somewhere knows the answers that we are looking for and I would ask before anyone else passes away that they please contact me privately or ring me 0860757915. Nobody deserves to go through life without knowing who they are and where they came from."

Sligo Champion

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