Friday 24 November 2017

Get ready for the Bull Challenge

Ox Mountain adventures
Ox Mountain adventures

It's called the Bull Challenge.

But it really has nothing to do with bulls.

Rather, it's a six and 12 kilometre endurance test.

One of the organisers, Dermot Mooney said: "It will test your physical strength and mental resolve."

It will take place on 48 acres at Banada Abbey, Tourlestrane, on August 16th.

The challenge includes about 17 obstacles.

They include slippery pole, mud rivers, heights and crawling through pipes.

Dermot said: "It was set up by Aclare Development and Ox Mountain Development Company with the help of Leader and Sligo Sport and Recreation.

"It's to promote Banada and South Sligo.

"And it's also to encourage people to get involved in outdoor activities in a new way."

It's expected about 300 will take part in the event.

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