Friday 24 May 2019

Foundation course at St Angela's for undergraduates

St. Angela's College is offering a one-year part-time Diploma in Foundations Studies, for students from socio-economic disadvantaged backgrounds who may wish to go on to study at Third Level.

The diploma aims to provide the opportunity to prepare personally and academically, for an undergraduate course of full-time study at NUI Galway or at St. Angela's College.

The course is suitable for those who may not have a conventional education or points required for undergraduate programmes, or for those not ready to attend third level for various reasons, e.g. emotional, maturity, physical, mental, financial, health, or family issues.

"There are so many reasons people choose to do an Access course. For some it is a direct route into the university undergraduate course, some may received the points, but are not ready to go to college yet, others may have made the wrong subject choices on their CAO and want to take the year to prepare," said Philip White, one of the access officers at St. Angela's College, Sligo.

"It is also suitable for students whose Leaving Cert may have been disrupted by a health issue or other family issues including bereavement.

"Some of our Access students completed their Leaving Cert in previous years, but did not go to college at the time, and are now ready to get back into studying.

"The Access course has introductory 'taster' courses taught at university level.

"It aims to equip students with the necessary academic writing, computer and study skills which will enable them to maximise their full academic potential at third level.

"The Access Course can be a stepping stone to college, students experience a taste of student life, while having supports and guidance to transition to university," he added.

The course is free, funded by NUI Galway, with eligibility criteria (see the website for details - in general HEAR income thresholds apply).

Applications for the Access Course in Sligo is now open.

Apply through NUI Galway

For further information contact or telephone 071 919 5575.

Sligo Champion