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Council urged to help get Ballymote mini-train back on track

The County Council has been urged to support Ballymote Community Enterprise to ensure a mini rail train for children runs this summer.

The mini-train runs on the mini-track in Ballymote Town Park but has been out of operation in recent times.

Councillor Dara Mulvey wants the train to get back on track for July and August and at weekends in recognition that it's the only tourist train of its kind in the county.

"I acknowledge the great work already done in the town park by the Ballymote Community," he told this month's County Council meeting.

"A lot of parents find this to be of great benefit to the children. The track, engine and carriages are there. If Sligo County Council gets funding they could operate this. It's a great attraction," he added.

Cllr Mulvey was supported by Councillor Keith Henry. "It's a novel thing to the town, it adds to the Castle and the Mill. It's a minimal enough cost to run it and any support would be appreciated," he said.

Director of Services Dorothy Clarke said the deadline had passed for Ballymote Community Enterprise to apply for funding under the Community and Voluntary Grant Scheme.

"There are no funds," she told members. She suggested they contact their Local Enterprise Office for advice and mentoring help with the running of the train.

"Let us know what kind of help they're looking for and we can see if we can facilitate them," she added.

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