Sunday 18 March 2018

2017 Community and Voluntary Grant deadline of March 31

There's an open call to Community and voluntary groups around the county to apply to Sligo County Council for this year's Grant scheme by the March 31st deadline.

Almost 400 such groups are eligible to apply for a funding pot of 100,000 euro.

The Council is allocating 20,000 to Community Events, 15,000 to Community and Estate Enhancement projects and 15,000 to Community Heritage/Enterprise projects. 27 Tidy Towns Committees are eligible to apply for a share of 30,000 and 59 Burial Ground Committees can apply for funding from a 20,000 allocation in the budget.

The deadline for receipt of applications is March 31st and applicants (successful or otherwise) will be notified of a decision by early to mid-May.

Sligo Champion