Wednesday 13 December 2017

We're in a different glass

Check Out our range of home improvement products at the North West House and Home Expo. IT Sligo April 26th-27th. We will be showcasing architectural and frameless glass for the home.


Modern glazing techniques have opened up a range of practical uses for glass in the home.

Architects and designers are using glass for a variety of applications in the home such as skylights, shower screens, splashbacks , partitions, balustrade and stair rails.

Frameless Possibilities are endless

Glass will allow natural light to permeate your home and will make your rooms look more spacious and beautiful.

Unlike old style glazing, tempered glass is robust and safe to use in the home .

Modern architectural glazing techniques allow for a sleek minimalistic look .

The use of glass creates an extraordinary radiance; in brilliant sunshine the effect is spectacular. The glass sheets can be enviably seamless or supported by stainless steel poles. Balustrades will add a sense of light and a very modern touch to either your home or business.

Double glazing can be fitted externally to improve thermal performance of your home.

Sligo Glass can also Install their VistaTherm range of Insulated double and triple glazed units in your home. We can even retro-fit into your existing frames.

Self cleaning glass for conservatories, temperature control glass - warm in winter / cool in summer.

Other benefits of glass are sound-proofing - you can reduce noise in your house with acoustic laminated glass.

Glass can also be used internally as shower screens , partitions, mirrors, splashbacks, glass balustrades for stairs and balconies...endless possibilities!

Sligo Glass are approved by the National Guild of Master Craftmen and have a network of partners and subcontractors ensuring we can look after your entire project .

Please check out our website for more ideas.


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