Sunday 21 January 2018

Twin sisters laughing their way to the top

Emma Gallagher

LITTLE DID Corrina Stone know that when filming her twin daughters gleefully giggling on camera that it was to become a Youtube hit.

The family was in the Clarion Hotel for a friend's wedding when Corrina captured the then 10 month old girls, Orla and Aoife, laughing contently.

Remarkably, the video, posted in September 2007, went viral and now has almost 5.2 million views.

Corrina said: "I was viewing other videos and I decided to stick my own one up. I couldn't believe when it reached five million views.

"It's been popular in America too."

The family has since expanded and Dubliner Corrina has two younger sons.

"We have been invited back to the Clarion this weekend, the whole family, and we are delighted with that."

Identical twins Orla and Aoife are now almost seven years old.

"They were on the Late Late toy show last Christmas, and are certainly are not camera shy.

"They have totally different personalities – Orla is a superhero nut, while Aoife is all for princesses.

"I bring them to the Twinfest in Keash every year, they are excited about their Halloween break in Sligo."

Sligo Champion

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