Saturday 15 December 2018

Sligo newlyweds go viral with their unique wedding entrance

Jessica Farry

A Sligo couple went viral last week as their unique wedding entrance grabbed the attention of many online outlets.

Tara Egan and Brian Fagan decided to enter their wedding reception at the Radisson Hotel on a lawnmower, as Brian has his own landscaping business.

They didn't, however, expect to go viral with their entertainment.

"We decided to enter our wedding reception on my husband's ride-on lawnmower as we wanted to add something fun and unique to our special day, Brian has his own landscaping business so it just seemed like the perfect way to personalise our wedding and offer our guests plenty of opportunity to laugh the night away, our bridesmaids were also wheeled into the reception individually in their own exclusive satin lined wheelbarrows!" Tara told The Sligo Champion.

The couple managed to keep their plans under wraps until the special day too.

"The only people we had informed of our carefully planned entrance was the bridal party, the hotel and of course Scruffy Duffy our wedding entertainer who had a massive influence on making sure we got the build up we needed for such an epic entrance," Tara added.

Tara and her husband Brian were blown away by the reaction they received - both on the day, and afterwards, online.

"The reaction we got was just absolutely electric it's the only way I can describe it. We honestly couldn't have wished for more. Our guests just went wild, there were people up on their chairs cheering like crazy before they even had a spoonful of soup not to mention the wine!

"They couldn't believe what they were witnessing. Of course we were very lucky we had the amazing guests we did as without them it wouldn't have been the success it was. It definitely set the tone for the rest of the night, everyone was in flying form and partied until the small hours of Thursday morning. As for the reaction online - wow. We just couldn't believe it went viral. As soon as it went live on I was contacted by, then it went live on the Daily Mail and onto the Irish wedding blog and a few more.

"I'm never one to do things by halves. We put a lot of time and planning into our special day, I'm just thrilled that people enjoyed the day as much as we did, that's all we ever wanted."

Sligo Champion